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Tangerine Credit Life

This plan offers a guaranteed payout in cases of loan default due to the incapacitation or death of a borrower.

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  • 1. Overview

    The Tangerine Credit Life plan benefits the Lender and the Borrower. Both parties are assured of comfort , in cases of default in repayment due to death. The lender is guaranteed a pay out and the borrower can rest easy knowing their beneficiaries will not be burdened with repayment of the loan.

  • 2. Features

    • The sum assured and premium varies based on the loan amount. However, once fixed the premium will not be affected by interest rates or loan duration.
    • Premium payments and policies are all online and automated to ensure ease and flexibility.
    • Maximum sum assured is N5,000,000.
    • Outstanding credit payable on death during the policy term.
    • Single premium from the lender at the issuance of loan.
    • Our interest rate is fixed over the duration of the loan.
    • Where part payment has been made on the loan, the difference between outstanding loan amount and sum assured will be paid to the named beneficiary.
    • Zero waiting period. You can begin receiving benefits once your policy has been bought.
    • Pricing rates to be confirmed based on duration, age, and medical history.
  • 3. Who should buy this product?

    • Lenders who are concerned about inability of customers to pay back loans given to them.
    • Lenders who want to secure their capital to continue to lend in the future.
    • Borrowers who want to ensure their beneficiaries will not be burdened with loan repayment in case of death.
  • 4. Why should you buy this product?

    • This innovative product is available to both the Lender and Borrower, providing security to all parties involved where unforeseen circumstances occur.
    • We apply innovative financial technology to ensure efficiency in payments and transaction processing.
    • Through our varied digital channels - i.e. Mobile App and Website, you are assured of a swift and uncomplicated service in just a few clicks.
  • 5. Next steps

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